Domain uses an unsupported protocol


Hi Cloudflare team.

This is my first time using cloudflare and so far I havent seen any major issue. But some hours back, I noticed the ses an unsupported protocol.

I have tried to troubleshoot the issue, but nothing seems to be working. Help!


I edited your link because it leads to a scam “You have a virus!” site.

So, here’s what I see:

  1. That error typically happens when your SSL certificate isn’t yet issued at Cloudflare. You can check the SSL Status from your Crypto page at Cloudflare.
  2. Your site currently isn’t using Cloudflare. It’s using CF name servers, but it looks like you’re bypassing Cloudflare by using a :grey: entry in your DNS.
  3. The domain you listed forwards to .tk domain that pops up a bogus Windows Zeus malware alert.


It sounds like your site has fallen victim to this hack:

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