Domain unresolve when using

Hi all,

My domain (zabbix .hydrogenx .tk) is hosted on Cloudflare DNS and my local is also using as the DNS server.
The firefox said cannot find the website.
So I add another DNS Server to my local and use nslookup to check.
Then I got this

I put my domain on the and got some of the regions are not resolving the domain.
Is it a freenom issue or Cloudflare issue?

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Hi @cklfish,

I don’t see any traffic about this domain recently, so can you try to follow the troubleshooting guide, and collect some more information? Like which datacenter you are connecting to, and what’s the verbose error dig returns. Thanks.

Their DNSSEC was broken:

Now it seems to be fine:

It didn’t resolve on any modern DNSSEC implementing resolver. Not a Cloudflare issue.


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