Domain unreachable from certain devices / countries

This one has me puzzled. The issues have started showing at around 2 PM GMT+0 on the 28th of November. The domain is no longer reachable from certain locations around the world, or certain networks to be more specific.

The domain in question is:

To get a clearer picture of what I mean, take a look at this map:

I’ve tried most of everything I could, I’ve redone the A records, I’ve bypassed Cloudflare, I’ve contacted Namecheap support, the support guy was able to access my domain from Ukraine, while I can’t form Ireland (I can access it from my phone (mobile data)).

I’ve tried submitting a ticket to Cloudflare, but all I get is a 500 error when attempting to submitting (both today and yesterday).

I’m honestly clueless. I’ll try anything you tell me at this point.

Your DNSSEC configuration appears to be broken

You most likely have the wrong settings on your registrar’s side. Make sure they match what Cloudflare gave you.

Thanks for the lead. I’ll have a look at that in the meantime. DNSSEC is not something I’m familiar with but I’ll do some reading on it. I don’t recall touching any configuration for this domain in the last months so it’s strange that the issue has started occurring now. I’ll leave an update here once I have something going.

You could either disable it altogether (on your registrar’s side and on Cloudflare) or - if you prefer to have a more secure DNS setup - simply make sure the parameters match everywhere. In your case it most likely is an incorrect pair of parameters on Namecheap. Just verify them with the data Cloudflare provided and make sure they all match.

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