Domain unreachable after transfer

Support ticket opened: #3112039

While transferring my Google Domains domain to Cloudflare. I followed all steps, however, I accidentally set the named servers on my Google Domians Registrar during some initial testing and then when I setup the domain on Cloudflare again, I can no longer set the domains to the new Cloudflare named domains that were re-provided. I believe my issue is very similar to this person: Cloudflare Registrar's domain nameservers aren't matching Cloudflare's nameservers

I’m not sure how to resolve the issue and currently all of my domains are down. The transfer did occur, because my domain is no longer listed with Google Domains.

All domains and our company email is down.

Note in the screenshot, the domain says “active” at the /domains path on CoudFlare, but when we click “Manage” we remain on the /domains path and are not redirected to /domains/

If you added the site to Cloudflare, then removed it and added it again, the nameservers will have changed. As Cloudflare is your registrar you will need to raise a registrar ticket to ask for the nameservers at the registry to be updated to match. Did you select “Cloudflare Registrar” for the ticket you created? If so, it should be sorted for you. Otherwise someone may pass and take a look.

Create a ticket in your dashboard here

Yes, I have opened a ticket, but I’m hoping there’s additional recourse I can take, since everything is down and waiting on support is a big problem right now.

My open tickets (in case support is watching here):


The ticket was handled by support. The namespaces needed to be reset on CloudFlares backend.


We are already handling your tickets. Please let us know if you have further questions.


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