"Domain under attack" and "Bot fight mode ON" activated, but not enough

My website is under attack. “Domain under attack” and “Bot fight mode ON” are active, but not solving the problem. Some bot is registering fake emails on my landing page form (pop-up with the fields: name and email). Captcha is also activated. Is there anything else I can do to stop this?

With the vulnerabilities (not real vulnerabilities), but bugs in CloudFlare’s systems to prevent bots, it is hard to stop these attacks. Have you tried implementing reCaptcha onto the signup page? So it requires the user to solve the captcha before signing up on the website? This should stop the spam signups

Thanks for the message. Yes, I’ve tried captcha, but didn’t work out. I even put the whole website offline, but the bot still could sign up with fake emails.

Your backend or signup API might have been leaked, contact your hosting provider and request a new IP.

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