Domain unavailable for transfer

I have 2 domains registered with Hostmonster that I want to transfer. Both are configured nearly identically at Hostmonster as “addon” domains. I was able to unlock one, get an EPP code, and initiate the transfer to Cloudfare. For the other one it just says:
“The following domain is unavailable for transfer:”
How can that be?

What’s the domain name? It could be a few things:

  • Registrar lock
  • Registered less than 60 days ago
  • Domain expired
  • etc.

The domain is bikewalksolana dot org and I UNlocked it at Hostmonster. I’ve had this domain for a dozen years. It expires 9/30/2022. Are we too close to the expiration date?

did you recently transfer the domain to hostmonster? you need to wait 60 days since the last transfer, usually.

bikewalksolana dot org is not pointing to Cloudflare nameservers and it’s not active on Cloudflare and add to Cloudflare than initiate the transfer

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Yes, that was the issue. Somehow, bikewalksolana dot org WAS in my site list. All I did was remove that site, add it back in, set the nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers at Hostmonster and it is now available for transfer. I think bikewalksolana dot org happened to be there when I first logged in because Hostmonster partners with Cloudflare and set up some sort of connection behind my back that need to be undone. Problem solved.

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