Domain transformation rules and static IP

New to CloudFlare, wondering if the platform has what I need.

Have a website say The users on the website have their profile pages. Exampledotcom/profile/userA, exampledotcom/profile/userB etc.

These users would like to link their profile pages to their own domain names.

I was wondering if it is possible on CloudFlare platform

  1. Get a static ip, so users can point their A record of their respective domains to that IP.
  2. Write some sort of transform rule so pointing to the ip address gets translated as Example Domain but this does not change the url in the browser. The requested url in the browser stays as


Transform rule should change to ?

Sorry, but the Transform rules only work within a single hostname. And you can’t link external domains to a domain in your account unless you subscribe to the SaaS service.

Thanks for the reply.

A few questions

So if I subscribe to the CloudFlare for SaaS service, does that serve my needs?

Does it require me to change my hosting platform? My website is hosted on azure today.

And how much does this service cost? Couldn’t see a pricing on the website.

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