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As I can’t talk to anyone from support, I try to find out more information here. Cloudflare recently sent me an email with a proposal to transfer my domains. The value of which would be lower compared to my current company, namecheap. What I ask has to do with the transfer of domains.

When choosing to transfer them to Cloudflare, will I also be required to purchase hosting and migrate all the content on my websites? Thank you for your help.

Cloudflare is not a website host, so you can continue to use your current host.

But if you do transfer your registrations here, you will have to use Cloudflare’s name servers for your domain. That is currently mandatory and may become optional at some point.

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I currently have 2 domains with Cloudflare nameservers. So do you mean that if I renew these domains via Cloudflare, I don’t need to do anything else? can I continue to use my hosting at Namecheap?

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