Domain Transfers Stuck

I have transferred in a few domains. Been a week now, when doing a Whois it says Cloudflare is registrar but it still stays transfer in progress on the dashboard. I can’t raise a support request as the this is not domain related is stuck ticked and it asks me to type a domain but it can’t type on it.

Anyone know to to raise a support case or know if this a bug or anything?

You can always open a ticket via email to support AT cloudflare DOT com

When I email in the ticket is auto closed as I don’t have paid support. Been over a week now, shows as registrar as cloud flare but it’s still in process. Also says unverified contact but it’s all redacted in the portal and is showing that cloud flare is the registrar. I’m so confused over what’s happening and lack of support when payment has been taken isn’t great

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