Domain transfers not working for Pro Subscription domains

I’ve been able to transfer more than 50 domains to CF, but the only 3 that happen to be on the Pro plan will not allow a transfer. All of the other 50 domains on the Free plan were easily transferred.

The Pro sites are our most important – would really like to move them over.

Any suggestions, please?

HI @JaneStreet, thank you for the transfers and sorry for the issue you’re facing.

Do you know if you have a billing method on file for the pro account?

Hi Cloonan,

Yes I certainly do. I manage lots of sites via CF.

We’d like to know more about the details of the failures, can share the details with Customer Support? Easiest to probably email them from the address associated with your account, let us know the ticket number and I’ll make sure the registrar team sees the details. Email to support AT Cloudflare DOT com.

Thanks – I did that yesterday and updated the ticket twice when I realized it was the Pro domains that were the problem and I sent screenshots. Guess I’ll hear from them eventually. I hate to leave the existing registrar lock off while I’m waiting for someone to take a look – but I think I need to leave it open in case they do.

and just by the way, here’s a screenshot. Only the 3 Pro domains in my account look like this (with no option to transfer)


And the ticket is 1605791

I think it might have something to do with the dedicated SSL – the only sites that I can’t transfer are those with a dedicated SSL.


HI @JaneStreet, really good info, thank you. I’ve shared that with the team.

Edit: the team is working on this and anticipate about a week. Thank you for the details and I’ll post back with an update when I hear more.

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