Domain transfers & management for clients and myself

Hi Cloudflare Community!

I’ve been a huge advocate for integrating Cloudflare services for all my clients, and my personal websites as well. Now that Cloudflare is a domain registrar, the benefits of its low cost and free privacy have been very appealing to me, because I work with many people as their webmaster.

Before jumping all in on Cloudflare being my new domain registrar, I wanted to ask for some advice about how to manage the domain names.

Each website I help manage has their own Cloudflare account – this is to allow each client to take ownership of their website services, even though I’m the one who really does all the work :stuck_out_tongue:
The domain names are currently all registered with my GoDaddy account, so I was wondering if each domain name should be transferred into each respective Cloudflare accounts?
Or if I should transfer them all into one master Cloudflare account, like I currently manage them all at GoDaddy?
I imagine updating billing info in one account would be much easier, than having to update over 50 accounts, but I want to make sure there aren’t any conflicts with having a domain name in one account, and the services in another account.

Looking through these forums about this proved unsuccessful, as I couldn’t find anything about this particular scenario.

What should I do?


Then this is how the domain ownership should and will work too (nor do you have a choice, unless you moved domains into your own account).

The majority of domains are managed from within my GoDaddy account, because many clients were intimidated with anything technical and felt comfortable with me managing this on their behalf. I ended up getting the Domain Discount Club to lower the overall domain fees, and Cloudflare’s domain fees look like they will provide even greater savings in cost, so I am hoping to move all the domains to Cloudflare – this is why I’m asking if anyone knows of a rule about if its ok for all the domains to be transferred into one “master account” rather than into each already existing Cloudflare services account?

You don’t have a choice. Domains can only be transferred to the Cloudflare account where the domain itself is already registered and active.

OK, so if I already have Cloudflare accounts for site1, site2, and site3 transferring the domain name can only happen into the Cloudflare account for site1, and so on?

Is there documentation of this?

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question about this!!

I’m not sure if there is any explicit documentation about this, but go look at the UI — you can’t enter a random domain you want to transfer, you can only select a domain that is in your account (and active).