Domain Transferred to Cloudflare-After Import Domain No Longer Resolves

Just transferred my domain from google to cloudflare. Domain DNS appears configured incorrectly after transfer, now it does not resolve. This domain does not use email, it is just the domain for my nextcloud. Pleases advise any help if possible. Thank you very much.

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What is that domain name?

Hello, thank you for reading my post. Sorry for late reply as I was working. I was hoping not to list my domain name, it is not for public use.

After the domain transfer to Cloudflare something must have happened to the import records. I have the DNS pointing to the server, but it still does not resolve. I might remove the domain and then add it again to see if this resets the DNS? Thank you

I also set the ip DNS from proxy to just DNS. (My site is just to host a nextcloud site, not to use email, just fyi.

The community could guess at the myriad of causes then but that seems inefficient. So I’d recommend searching the forums for the potential causes and follow the information provided in those threads to determine if they apply in your case.


Thank you!

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