Domain transferred for different price as shown

Hi, I recently transferred 2 of my domains to CF. On the page it says it would costs $8.39 whereas after the domain was transferred, I was charged $9.05? Does anyone know what is this extra charges for?

I was quoted: $8.39 + $8.39 + $0.36 (ICANN) = $17.14
I was charged: $9.08 + $9.08 = $18.1

Hi @user11389,

Can you check your invoice in your dashboard? Depending on your location, it is most likely the applicable tax that’s been added.

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There’s no invoice generated yet, I think I need to wait 24hr before I can see them in my dashboard.
I don’t mind if it was tax etc, just need some transparency about what I’m being charge for :slight_smile:

Yes that may be the case. That should clear up what the extra charge was.

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