Domain transferd 5 days ago

Hey i transferd my Domain to Cloudflare. Its in Transfer in progress since 5 Days. I called my old Registrar he told my the Domain got the Status “transferd away”. I paid via PayPal and got an invoice and an email that my payment to Cloudflare was authorized.

Do i need to worry? My normal transfers are done within minutes.



I’m not sure how you have ever managed that. ICANN requires a mandatory 5 day wait period on all domain transfers between registrars.

Once it exceeds five days is the time for concern.

I think you are right my other registrar maybe didnt show the process that transparent I wait till tomorow then is day 6, what do i do if its still in status ransfer in progress ?



If the transfer doesn’t complete after the required time, you can contact support from your Cloudflare account dashboard. I don’t expect that you will need to, though.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

It completed :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

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