Domain Transfer won’t accept EPP Code

I’m trying to transfer 20 domains from Namecheap into Cloudflare but it is not accepting my EPP Codes that Namecheap just provided me. I have confirmed the domains are unlocked and that the EPP codes are exact.

I did another batch last week and noticed half the EPP Codes Namecheap provided me were 12 characters long, and Cloudflare accepted these. The other half were 14 characters long and Cloudflare rejected these.

This new batch of 20 domains I’m trying today, Namecheap provided all 14 character EPP Codes and Cloudflare is rejecting all of them.

Any ideas what’s wrong? Thanks

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Do you see any specific errors?

No it doesn’t say why, just a red “x” mark beside each domain + EPP entry, and doesn’t allow me to submit the page, saying “Enter at least one valid auth code”

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Is there any rhyme or reason to TLDs that passed or failed, such as .com or .info, etc? I’ve noticed I get different Auth code formats depending on the TLD.

Do you have DNSSEC enabled on these domains? (though I doubt this would cause instant rejection)

No DNSSEC enabled. They are all .news domains, but after reading more I think it may be because the domain expiry date is coming up soon (within a week) - I may have to renew at my current registrar and wait until next bill cycle to xfer to CF.

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