Domain Transfer with One Year Extension fail

I transfer my domain to Cloudflare (paid $8.57/ year) that time expires date after 5 days and after 5 days I got the message your domain is locked.

At that time my domain expires the last registrar because 5 days had already gone by. then I renew my domain and the new expiration date (November 12, 2022).

and when I unlock the domain then I got an email after 3 days from Cloudflare “Domain Transfer Complete” but as per “Domain Transfer with One Year Extension” no full fill expiration date still shows (November 12, 2022).

It will new expiration date (November 12, 2023).

Hi @user15739,

I imagine you will have to try and seek a refund from the previous registrar if you renewed with them during the transfer and now have a year missing.

Perhaps @Purnima can confirm.


@Purnima is the expert on this but I think the input from @domjh is spot-on and I recently saw another customer with an exactly similar issue. Let us know if the previous registrar does the needful @user15739


Yes, spot on! They will need to ask their previous registrar for a refund.


Thanks for suggestions

Yes, I got a refund from the previous registrar.

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