Domain transfer with non-Cloudflare DNS


I am thinking of transferring my domain registration to Cloudflare - this would be my only Cloudflare service. My DNS is currently hosted separately from my domain registrar, and I want to keep using my current DNS servers. Does Cloudflare let you use custom DNS servers? Do I need an (expensive!) business account for this? Thanks.


For now, you need to use Cloudflare DNS for domains registered here.

I don’t even think the Business Plan will let you use external DNS for your domain – just custom name servers that just slaps your own domain name over the Cloudflare name server hostnames.

Or you can go with a Partner setup…but that’s all a bunch of work just to transfer your domain registration over here. For now, you’ll have to stay where you are, or find a good domain registrar to transfer to for the next 60 days or so until Cloudflare offers more features on their domain registrations.

* (the small print) My 60 day comment isn’t a prediction on when Cloudflare will expand registration services. That’s just how long a domain has to be at a registrar before they’ll let you transfer it again.


Thanks for the reply. That’s a deal-breaker for me, but I’ll keep an eye on CF for the future.