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I’m in the process to transfering a domain from Namesco to cloudflare. I have gone through the process of configuring email routing (default Mx and txt records added by the wizard) but it’s not working.
On the cloudflare dashboard my Domain is in the ‘pending nameserver update’ and in my Namesco portal, the domain has completely disappeared.

Do I have to wait for the domain server update to complete before email forwarding starts to work?

It’s coming upto 20hrs since I initiated the transfer.

Any help appreciated.

What is the domain name?


It’s ‘Bhundia[.]co[.]uk’

By “transfer” I assume you are just adding the site to Cloudflare, not transferring the domain name itself to Cloudflare registrar?

You need to change the nameservers at Namesco to the two you have been given by Cloudflare (of the form

You say the name has disappeared from Namesco so not sure about that, the IPS tag is still set for them. If you can’t do the above, you’ll need to contact them.

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Wwhat I was trying to do is per your 1st point. I wanted to transfer the domain over from namesco to cloudflare. There’s not real website just yet, using it heavily for email forwarding purposes, so right now no one can reach me using the alias email address.

In Namesco, I went and added a cloudflare nominet tag, then in cloudflare I was given a prompt saying that there are existing Mx record conflicts and that I should delete them, so I did and that’s when emails stoped. If I try updating the Mx records with the old details (Namesco details) do you know if that would bring my emails back up?

Normally its best to add the domain to Cloudflare first, change the nameservers, get everything working and then transfer the domain.

If you’ve changed the tag, the transfer should happen quickly if the Cloudflare end is set up. Not sure what has got stuck here. Have you got a screenshot of the status of the transfer from your Cloudflare dashboard?

As for the email, as the email is at Namesco I assume moving the domain away will lose you that service unless you are paying for it.

dig +short mx

That migration process makes sense now… wish I stepped through on that order 1st.

I’ve attached the a of screen shot…

Looks like I’m stuck without emails till the domain is transferred over.

So Cloudflare is waiting for the nameservers to update, but you can’t update the nameservers as you have initiated a domain transfer that has caused Namesco to remove the domain from your account?

What does Cloudflare show for the transfer of the domain? (Somewhere in here…

That sounds about right…:grimacing:
Dashboard has nothing screenshot attached…

So I called up Namesco, they said the domain was being ‘held up’ as it was close to renewal (I have almost a month left), after they realised what the actual renewal date is, they agreed to ‘push’ the domain across which the tech support person have done. They said it’s now a case for CL to pull the domain across, and that I should contact CL and give them a nudge.
Do I really have to do that?

The tag still hasn’t changed. Until it does, Cloudflare can’t take the domain.

You can force the issue by paying Nominet £10 to change the tag for you.

Cloudflare’s tag is CLOUDFLARE

…but maybe something will happen at Namesco as it’s now Monday morning.

After checking your tool, I got back In touch with Namesco, they said it would take a couple of hrs for the tag to change, so thanks to your tool, I’ll be monitoring that for if it hasn’t changed after 3ish hrs I’ll be back in the phone to them.

I’ve already paid the £10 to namesco, so I’ll be pushing for them to get this sorted.

I’ll report back if and when anything changes.

Hi again,

I’ve made a call to nominet and they are telling me that CL have rejected the IPS tag change.

Is there any way to find out why?

Did you add the domain to Cloudflare?

Try again, follow this list so everything is in place before you change the tag…

Managed to get the domain back up back and on to namesco.

I’ll now go though through the check list again before updating the tag as you suggest.

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