Domain transfer under agency account

We just started our agency account, and have it setup with payment information and everything. We added our first sub account and connected the website, completed the name server change, all went smooth.
Next step was to transfer the domain registrar to cloudflare, however when we try to do that we are encountered with a message that payment information needs to be added it. When we go to billing under that account is states
Managed Billing
Billing for this account is managed by your partner. Which is us, and we have payment information under ours.

We have a reached out to support and they are of no help, they claim that the website needs to be under our main account, which makes an agency account useless if we can’t utilize the subaccounts to keep everything under individual clients. We are still on the free plan while we get this going, we can’t even talk to someone. After sending multiple screenshots to show them the issue, they have gone completely silent.

Anyone with an agency account completed a transfer of registrar under a subaccount?

Their response corresponds to my understanding of the current functionality supported by Cloudflare’s at cost registrar product.

How did you create a sub-account? Do you have any related Cloudflare documentation that you can share? I am unaware of any options create free accounts that have any hierarchical relationship.

Keeping client sites in their own accounts is a best practice. That’s not a method that will work well with Cloudflare registrar as you have learned. Cloudflare Registrar only supports domain registration by the account that holds the domain.

While another registrar may be better suited to your plan, it raises the question of how you expect billing to behave for other paid features. I don’t know that those can be billed to your account either.

[Agency Program: The Partner Platform for Agencies & Hosts - Open Beta | Cloudflare] www.cloudflare-com/cloudflare-partners-self-serve-program-closed-beta/)

This is the program we sign up for, it is a multi tenant with centralized billing.

Thanks. I remember all the parts about the legacy APIs being phased out. I’m surprised that I don’t recall the multi-tenant announcement, as it is relevant to me.

I suppose the question is whether or not domain registration is currently supposed to be working under this plan.

Have you opened a support request yet? I reccomend that if you have not. If you share the ticket number here, we can escalate it.

I did open a support request they have been less than helpful, we sent them screenshots and explanation and they were good for about 3 days answering us, and so far we are 6 days not one response and we have updated the request almost daily.

You may have your expectations set for too short of a timeframe. Can you share your ticket number here so we can escalate it?

Here is the ticket number #2887410, I appreciate the escalation, and our ticket was opened 25 days ago, I would disagree with your statement about our expectations being set too short, however if resolution for an non technical issue can take this long I will make sure to adjust expectations.

I escalated this post for the attention of the Customer Support Team so they can get back to you here. I shared your ticket number here so that they can track it.

This is a technical issue. The functionality doesn’t exist. To create it for a beta offering requires the feature be prioritized and built to support it.

thanks for the help.

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Thank you for sharing this issue, and I apologize for the inconvenience.
This is a known bug where our Registrar checkout does not respect the centralized billing system of the Agency program. An internal ticket has been created and is being triaged.

Until then, the workaround is to have the central billing entitlements temporarily disabled to allow a credit card to be added to the child account.

Please email [email protected] if you seeing this issue and would like to pursue the workaround.

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is that done at the agency level or at the client level?

The entitlement is removed from the account, or client level.

Removal of the entitlement allows an independent billing profile to be established for that account (client) and the Registrar purchase to be completed normally.