Domain transfer to new provide

On of my client website is having cdn with cloudflare and my client requirement to the below following:

  1. the domain transfer to new provider
  2. Swtichover the web hosting to new web hosting

My query is that How to proceed the above without affecting cdn and client site rating.

Kindly guide us for proceeding on this.

May I ask if it’s domain transfer or web hosting change? :thinking:

If domain transfer:
Double-check the DNSSEC and DS records.
Disable and remove any if existing at your current domain registrar.
Wait 24 hours.

If new hosting:
Make sure you add all the DNS records or import the DNS zone to your new domain registrar / Cloudflare DNS.
Make sure to have the SSL certificate at your new hosting.

Change the IP address at current one to the new hosting.
Double-check for any changes, try unproxying to see if it’s working fine over HTTPS.
If yes, proceed with the regular domain transfer process.
Double-check and compar esettings and the nameservers at the old and new registrar.

If new hosting/registrar offers new nameservers, use the new ones.

Leave the domain DNS at Cloudflare, once Cloudflare detects changes, will remove the domain from CF account itself in a few days.
Manually removing the zone (DNS) from CF account could cause issues with not propperlyloading your Website due to the DNS propagation process/time.

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