Domain transfer to cloudflare when the registrar cloudflare

I bought my domain from shneider-host (rus) and now I want to transfer it to you. When I asked for the EPP key, I was told that the domain registrar was Cloudflare.

Please clarify how can I transfer this domain to my Cloudflare account?
I want to transfer the domain to my Cloudflare account and pay for it at Cloudflare rates.

I tried three times to write to the support service and every time I see the following message:

Which domain is it?

Should I write which domain? It’s just that I’m constantly shown a message that links are forbidden, even when I just write the domain.

Yes, the domain name.


Yes, that domain is already registered with Cloudflare and needs to be managed in its account.

Should you wish to change account, then I am afraid Cloudflare currently does not support that and you would first need to transfer the domain to another registrar. Afterwards you can transfer it back to your account should you wish so.

maybe I can somehow get into this account, where I could manage it?

Definitely, you need to manage the domain in the account where it is currently active.

and how do I get the EPP code if I want to transfer it to another registrar?
Where I bought it, they told me that I should get it from you.

Cloudflare being the registrar, you need to get it from Cloudflare, however you need access to the account first. If it wasn’t you who transferred the domain to Cloudflare, ask the other people who are authorised to manage your domain. Someone transferred the domain to Cloudflare and that person has access to that account.

Thank you for your responses!


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