Domain Transfer to Cloudflare - something Went wrong

I tried to transfer a domain, and all the f** page said: Something went wrong.

Anyone else having this problem?
Its a .info Domain

What’s the domain ? & What error Code it was showing ?

There is no “error code”

It is my own .info Domain that I try to transfer from
I got the auth-code.
Then typed in all adress data, phone number a.s.o.
And all you get is a “Something went wrong” screen… Try again

Question: Do you need a enterprise account for domain-transfer, or does it work with the free account too?

Do I have to set up a payment methode before?

It does not say anything. It does not even tell me the price…what is the price for transfer? Does it add 1 more year?



That sounds like you do not have any domains in your account that are eligible to transfer.

But, it looks like the no form of payment on file is the root cause of the issue

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