Domain transfer to Cloudflare registrar

After transferring a domain to the CF registrar, there is no need to update any DNS records. Correct? The nameservers will be automatically pointing to CF? In other words, if I bulk transfer domains from a registrar to a CF registrar, there won’t be any downtime?

Yes and no. In order to transfer a domain, the domain already has to be on Cloudflare, so nameservers should not be an issue. Occasionally, the previous registrar does change the nameservers before you transfer, however, and then you will need to go via support to get that manually fixed, as Cloudflare does not fix that automatically yet.

As long as the nameservers do not change, you’ll be fine and won’t have any downtime with the transfer.

Hello @sandro, so in other words, if my domains at registrar X were already pointing to CF there shouldn’t be any issue after the transfer, correct?

You are probably trying to say that if my domain does not point to CF and I transferred the domain to the CF registrar, then I’ll have to reach for CF support to be able to update the nameservers, right?

In summary, my case is that I’d like to move all my domains (that are already pointing to CF) to CF’s registrar. There shouldn’t be any problem with this transfer, correct?

Yes , but some times there can be downtime but almost no

@Neeraj0001 Why would there be any downtime? Old DNS records will still point to the correct nameservers and the domain that has already completed the propagation will still point to the new/correct records.

I mentioned most probably no

Usually changing Registrars is invisible to all users. It is an administrative change and nobody except the domain owner really knows anything is happening.

Unfortunately, some old registrars will “reset” your nameservers just before the transfer takes place. When that happens, you have to open a support case to get Cloudflare to manually update the NS records with the registry.

You cannot transfer your domain to Cloudflare in the first place, if your domain is not on Cloudflare already.

My nameserver remark was solely referring to the case when your registrar changes the nameservers.

As I said

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@michael if I test with one domain from registrar x and the transfer was smooth, then I don’t have to worry about transferring the rest of the domains, right? If the DNS is kept as is upon transferring one domain, then it should be the same for the rest of the domains getting transferred from the same registrar?

Not necessarily, nameservers can always change and that depends on the registrar.

What is not clear about my response?

@sandro all is clear regarding nameservers. I’m assuming that if one domain from registrar x completed the transfer in a correct fashion, then I can here confirm that the registrar won’t change the nameservers when I transfer the rest of the domains, true? In other words, could the same registrar change the nameservers for one domain and leave them as they are for other transferred domains? If not, then my question is fully answered.

As I said, not necessarily. A registrar should typically not change nameservers, but some do and if they didn’t with one domain, you won’t have a guarantee they won’t with another. Especially if you transfer domains which are close to renewal.

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When you transfer domains to Cloudflare, make sure they are properly configured and don’t transfer them at the last minute. If you do that you should be good to go.

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