Domain transfer to Cloudflare not possible, cannot enter authorization code

I have an active website on Cloudflare, I’ve unlocked the domain with my current registrar and have an authorization code.
I’m having trouble getting through ‘2. Enter authorization codes’ on Cloudflare. There is no field where I can enter a code and the 'Confirm and Proceed button is greyed out. I’ve turned off adblocker and tried on Chrome, Safari and Brave in case it was a browser specific issue.
Where can I add the authorization code?


Thanks for posting this in the community.

This is an issue that our Registrar team is trying to fix but in the meantime please go to your Account → Registrar (or Buy domains) → Transfer.
Uncheck the domains that you do not want to transfer.

Please let us know if that works for you.

If not, please open a ticket with support so we can take a look.

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I see a transfer in process so assume you were able to enter the code? You may be able to accelerate the transfer if you login at your former registrar and approve the transfer, may save you a few days waiting.

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Thanks a lot I managed to add the code following your instructions!

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Yes I was able to transfer the website, I’ll check with my current registrar if I can validate the transfer sooner. Thanks for taking the time to let me know

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