Domain Transfer to Cloudflare - Nameserver problem

I got email from Cloudflare that I need to update my nameservers on the other end for the transfer of the domain to complete. However, since on the other end the transfer is pending, I cannot update nameservers. What should I do?

what is the domain and what nameservers are set now and what nameservers are you being prompted to change them to?

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Right now set to:

Asking to Replace to:

and what is the domain?

it’s looking like it’s active on Cloudflare already, are you sure you are transferring to the correct account?

In order to use registrar you’d have already set up your domain on Cloudflare and changed the nameservers, the above seems like you are simply adding it to another cf account.

Well, I’m actually transferring it to a different account because I’m trying to aggregate some domains under one roof. is the domain

Got it, thank you.

You’d need to go through the process of adding it to the new account, change the nameservers and get it active in the new account. At that point, you can transfer the registrar.


So, basically what you’re saying is that I need to cancel the current transfer, update the nameservers at the current domain registrar, and then restart the transfer.

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+1, yes, that is spot-on. Sorry for the pain with moving things around.

Thank you
Appreciate your help!

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