Domain transfer to Cloudflare - is using Cloudflare DNS required?

To use Cloudflare as my domain registrar (to transfer over domain registrations), do I have to be using/switch to Cloudflare nameservers or can I continue to use external nameservers (if I want to) and still move my registration here?

It says this in the FAQ but it’s confusing because it seems to contradict itself or at least doesn’t elaborate on when/if you have to start using cloudflare DNS:

“Cloudflare Registrar only supports transfers of domains that are active on Cloudflare. Active domains on Cloudflare use nameservers assigned by Cloudflare. When you transfer your registration, your nameservers will not be modified.”

It’s a consistent message. Your site has to be on Cloudflare to be able to transfer registration. So if your site is on Cloudflare, you’re already using Cloudflare name servers. That will not change.

So, to answer your question: Yes, Cloudflare DNS is required.

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