Domain transfer to Cloudflare failed

The request to transfer the domain name “” from Freenom to Cloudflare failed. What is the reason?

There are many posts on the topic:

There are many similar posts, but they cannot solve the problem. It has been two days since I sent the ticket and there is no reply. I don’t even know what went wrong, it means that the transfer failed, please try again

What’s the ticket number? If you post it, someone will take a look another look at it.

I sent two tickets, but none of them responded. I just tested the transfer to Godaddy and it can be transferred. The original registrar did not impose any restrictions on the domain name. Since I don’t understand English, using Google Translate, the grammar may be incorrect, please understand

Ok, it looks like #2075919 and #2074129. They’ll probably merge the two, as multiple tickets slow down response time.

Because #2075919 has not responded, so I reopened #2074129