Domain transfer to cloudflare - authinfo

i have .com domain registered which serves as a custom domain for my e-mail address, it expries in around 10 days, I’d like to transfer it to cloudflare, my current domain provider informed me that first I need to apply for a so called authinfo which is essential in order to transfer the domain, is that right ?

is there any tutorial from cloudflare that describe whole process ?


For .com you typically need an EPP code which the current registrar has to issue and which you have to provide to the new one.

It is best you start the transfer on Clouflare’s side and then follow all instructions you receive, but generally it will be just like any other transfer from one registrar to another.

I guess you mean authinfo when writing epp code,

Btw is there any time how many days before a domain expires I need to start that process?

If you want to transfer it, you should do it now. Generally you should avoid transferring shortly before expiration.

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