Domain transfer support soon?

Hello, I have a .pw domain, and from looking at the TDL list, it seems like my .pw domain is not supported.
so I’m curious, is Cloudflare working on getting every domain available? is there a reason why some domains aren’t expected supported anytime soon?
I’m willing to wait for support, but I’d like to know if I am to hopefully expect support sometime in the future? or if something is causing an issue there, Thanks in advance!

Apart from the list you found, there is no other information available. Cloudflare is generally not very fast when it comes to signing agreements with registries and there will be all sorts of legal and contractual motives.

.pw might be supported at one point, but if you have to renew your domain now, do not wait. Whenever that is, or may be available, you can still transfer. Though keep in mind, the registrar service is not necessarily Cloudflare’s core service and the experience may vary.


Alright, thanks for your response!

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