Domain transfer stuck

Hi there, I am trying to transfer 2 .COM domains from Google to Cloudflare. i got the auth codes and Cloudflare page says ‘transfer in progress’ but I see no notification on Google about the transfer. I even spoke to their support and they claim they can transfer out without a confirmation from the client once the auth-code has been entered on the receiving registrar.
It has been multiple days since the domain went into ‘transfer in progress’ state, can someone help pls?


Hi Karthik - happy to help? What are the domains - can help troubleshoot here if you want to post them. If not, do you have a support ticket you could share?

Thanks for responding to my invite again @SamRhea!!!

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Thanks @SamRhea.
The domains are : asanadirectory, retreatsinindia and yogateachertrainingredmond (all ending in a .COM)

Thanks! So those are definitely in progress; if you check Verisign WHOIS (link below, it’s authoritative) the EPP status is “pendingTransfer” - looks like you started two days ago? Might just take some time for your losing registrar to acknowledge it.

If they don’t, I’d recommend telling them the EPP status shows it as sent.

I spoke to the Google domains support and they said they will transfer domains out even without a client authorization once the auth code is validated successfully. So let me give this another day to see what happens. Thanks

Domains typically take 5 days to transfer from when the auth code is accepted and the gaining registrar processes the order. The losing registrar is supposed to contact the owner and allow them to deny or accept within those 5 days, if it hasn’t been rejected then the transfer will complete after 5 days.

Reputable registrars will offer a way to accept the transfer and process it (nearly) immediately, but shady registrars make it less convenient to move out. Either way, it should automatically complete in 5 days unless someone/something declines the transfer.