Domain Transfer Stuck "pendingTransfer"

I am attempting to transfer hexsonic (dot) net from Cloudflare registrar to porkbun, however there appears to be some issue during the transfer process on cloudflares side.

I have an open support ticket #2464339 regarding this issue but has not received any response in 5 days. I used the email associated with my account to contact support and I have responded to the automated response over 5 days ago.

Porkbun indicates that authorization was successful and is waiting on Cloudflare (“pending transfer from losing registrar (001) | Cloudflare, Inc.”).

In the Cloudflare dashboard for the domain name, I clicked “approve” transfer over 5 days ago, and received a “domain transfer approved” confirmation email near instantly. The domain then disappeared from the Cloudflare registrar dashboard interface, although I can still access a seemingly broken Cloudflare registrar domain management/configuration page via direct url only.
Screenshot of the broken page for reference after I click “continue” on transfer follows.

Despite “approving” the transfer, the domain is still
listed as “pendingTransfer” with Cloudflare as the registrar over 5 days later and has an
incomplete whois record. I performed other transfers at almost the
same time such as for hexsonic (dot) com that completed near instantly and
without issue.

I’ve escalated your post for the attention of my Registrar collegue to assist. Sorry for the trouble with this.

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Thank you for your help. The issue is resolved now! :+1: