Domain Transfer Stuck in Transfer - Unverified Contacts

Yesterday, I began a domain transfer process from to Cloudflare.

All went well up to the point that the previous registrar expedited the release of the domain.

Now, Cloudflare shows this status

You have unverified Contacts.

The contacts should have inherited from my primary contact info like it has before. When I view the contacts associated with the domain, it mainly shows REDACTED.

I can’t open a ticket for this because I don’t have support for this domain.

However, this is a registration problem.

Is anyone able to help me resolve this?

I have the same problem with several domains I have ported in. All show as cloud flare in Whois and payment has been taken but all still in progress. Struggling to get through as can’t fill out online form and email gets auto closed

I don’t know what happened :man_shrugging:, but it magically resolved itself.

Same with me, must of been a blip on Cloudflare’s end

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