Domain transfer stuck, can't delete

I’m trying to transfer a domain to Cloudflare. When I set up the transfer I forgot to uncheck “domain lock” on the old registrar’s config. I’ve unchecked it now. After several days there’s no change in status. I’ve already been billed by Cloudflare.

I submitted a ticket, someone has looked at it several times but noone has responded, which concerns me. If I try to cancel the transfer so I can start over, nothing happens and in the web console I see that it responds with error 422, “Cannot cancel transfer for this domain (domain name dot com)”. Fortunately I didn’t try transferring an important domain first.

So, is there anything I can do? Is this the expected turnaround time for tickets? The only response I’ve gotten is the autoreply (which I responded to). I get that I’m not an enterprise customer, but I’ve never had a registrar just ignore a ticket for days.

I tried out Cloudflare for the Yubico offer, and thought the interface was nice enough to try it out for my systems (which I’m sure was the point). The offer was a fiasco, and I may or may not be able to buy them, or not as many as promised. Customer service is turning out to rival Google’s. This has been a big let-down so far.

The Service Level Objective on the lowest cost paid Cloudflare plan (Pro) is 5 days. Domain registration is an at cost add-on offering, and while it does include support, even on the free plan, which otherwise only has Community support, I find it useful to frame expectations in the perspective of the SLO of the Pro plan as a starting point. When combined with the at cost pricing, my expectations would be far lower than what Cloudflare delivers.

That’s perhaps a long way of saying if it hasn’t been 5 days yet, I wouldn’t be concerned or disappointed.

You can also share your ticket number here in the Community for possible escalation.

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