Domain transfer stalled


I’ve transferred server domains from A2 Hosting to Cloudflare but one of them came back with “Domain transfer stalled” errors twice. Is there any way to find out what is causing the error?


Hi @harpreet.chima, on your A2 control panel do you have the option to approve the transfer? I don’t see a stalled message, but do see a domain locked message for one of your domains with a cancel & retry option. For how long have you been waiting for the transfer to complete?

Hi @cloonan, I didn’t get the locked message but that was the issue! Where would I go to see that message for a domain I’m trying to transfer.

Thank you for the help!

On your overview tab for the domain in question on the right sidebar. However, now I see something different:

Domain Registration
Status: Approval pending

You should not need to approve, as long as you don’t cancel/disapprove it with your existing registrar, the process will complete.

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