Domain Transfer, SSL and Email

Thank you

What’s the configuration in your dashboard:

OFF, Flexible or full?

And in here:

Are you able to managed your DNS records or its saying partner hosted zone?

It is full.

And yes, I can manage records…

What do you have here?

Something like this:

Host (your domain) Type (universal) status (active) ? Universal Active Universal Active

And bellow how is the options “always use HTTPS” set?

I looked for this button lots, but never found it…

yes it is there. I have enabled it. However, now i cannot access:


It says

his page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

That’s because you probably have some redirects configured in your origin server.

At CF dashboard you have full configured but i don’t think you have an SSL certificate in your origin server, or do you have?

The issue of redirects is explained here:

If you want to bring up the site, to reduce the “outage” time and win some time to dig in hosting side, turn off the Always use HTTPS at cloudflare dashboard.

Thank you for your help.

By Server, do you mean NameCheap?

If I just transfer to Cloudflare, would that fix the problem?

And does Cloudflare allow for automatic renewals?

Will check out article now.

Hi Rui

So, do I have to do something at NameCheap, Weebly, or ???
Is there a file I have to upload?
A CNAME I have to adjust?

Thank you for help. Appreciate it.

Yes, origin server i’m referring to your hosting which i believe its NameCheap.

If I just transfer to Cloudflare, would that fix the problem?

Don’t use the word transfer :slight_smile: it can be confusing:

  • your registrar is still namecheap, the domain is yours (you bought it for X years) and you added it to cloudflare.
  • Its possible to transfer from one registrar to another, but that’s a different process.
  • Also if you were thinking in using Cloudflare as hosting, that’s not possible as cloudflare doesn’t host sites.

And does Cloudflare allow for automatic renewals?

The Universal SSL is renewed automatically.
However if you are speaking about the domain its like i mentioned above it can be transferred but there are specific conditions.

Going back to troubleshooting your problem from CF side:
confirm you didn’t configure any page rules here:

No page rules configured.

Would it help if I provide a screenshot of DNS settings?

You can share, but i really think the “problem” is at server side.

I don’t know how is the NameCheap cpanel, but will do some search on web and as your website is up again will perform some checks and hopefully will be able to guide you through.

I think the problem can be simple due to this redirect that you have:

You set this rule somewhere.
Please share a screenshot of your CF DNS dashboard and also check in namecheap cpanel if you find something:

You can create redirects via your DNS provider or your Namecheap account. To perform this function from your account, you must first change your nameservers to Namecheap default

I have transfered to Cloudflare, and cannot find the Cpanel. This is a bit of a problem me thinks…
maybe I should just transfer domain to cloudflare?

Perhasp i should host from namecheap and see if I can access redirects?
I am sorry for the confusion i may be causing.

I switched back to namecheap, deleted a redirect, then switched back to cloudflare. Says it might take a while for cloudflare to run again.

DNS is being managed by CF, but you eventually will need to access your hosting.

Check here how to access your hosting cpanel:

then please check the configuration in the file .htaccess and share here please:

Sorry didn’t noticed you already replied.
Ok lets wait.

I suspect that your Weebly site is not configured to use SSL – when requesting the secure site, I get redirected back to the non-secure site…

Here is an article on how to update your Weebly settings to use SSL: (If Weebly wants you to pay them for a cert, or to purchase and upload your own SSL certificate, you can generate one for free on CloudFlare at SSL -> Origin Server. See note about this further down)

Once you’ve turned on SSL for weebly, set up CloudFlare as follows:

SSL Overview:


SSL -> Edge Certificates

Start with these options:
Always Use HTTPS: OFF (Will address redirect loop issue)
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: OFF (If you get warning about requesting insecure resources, you could try turning this on)

Note about paying for / acquiring an SSL cert

re: If Weebly wants you to pay them for a cert, or to purchase and upload your own SSL certificate, you can generate one for free on CloudFlare at SSL -> Origin Server (just make sure your general SSL settings are set to Full, not Full (Strict) )

Once the Weebly and CloudFlare configuration is in place, everything should just work.


Thank you…

I try to enable SSL but weebly states

  1. Log in to your domain’s control panel
  2. Locate the area to change your domain’s DNS settings
  3. Remove the AAAA DNS record(s) for your domain

As you can see from the above screen shot, I have no AAAA DNS records for my domain. How can I remove them?

ITs all rather bizarre