Domain transfer something went wrong


Trying to transfer (and others) but get “something went wrong” - Support Ticket dropdown has a disabled domain dropdown even though I have 4 domains so no ticket can be created so here’s hoping someone in the community can shed light on how to find out more from this hopeless error message “something went wrong”


You can open a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com

And then post the ticket # here for processing.

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Hi - Thanks for the tip:
Ticket number 2262378

HI @user95714 I ensured your ticket is open and added myself to track, will also escalate it for my colleagues on the Community. Sorry for the issues.

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@user95714 can you respond to the ticket from the email account associated with the cloudflare account. The email you used to contact Support is not recognized by our system.


This is the email associated with the Account (see RHS profile) and the domains 1-3 I’m trying to move to CF as Registrar:


Thank you, the email you used to contact Support on 2262378 is different.

No it is the same email everywhere {redacted} both as emailed to you and assigned to this forum profile. Please ask someone to assist you sort that out first.

The actual error code that prevented the transfer can be found in your browser dev tools Network tab after the transfer fails.

There should be a POST request with a 400 status code to…<ID>/registrar/domains/<DOMAIN>/transfer

If you look at the raw response data it should be a JSON object with a error code and error message.

Support assisted with this matter - seems the backup card is not used when trying to pay for transferred domains. Removed old primary card and transfer went through.

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