Domain Transfer Renewal

So I bought a domain, I’ve waited the 60 days and am going to transfer it to cloudflare. However, I would not like the domain to be renewed for another year as I am only going to use it for this year. Is there any way I can make it so it doesn’t renew upon transfer?

Sorry, that’s not possible. Part of the transfer process includes the one-year cost, and that just extends your existing registration.

If you only intend to keep the registration for the year, and it’s already paid for, why are you transferring it to Cloudflare?

Because I’m going to be switching the nameservers a lot and it’s easier for me to not have to keep removing and readding the domain constantly.

A domain registration is tied to your account and will most likely force you to use the same two Cloudflare name servers it currently uses.

Ok thanks

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