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I wanted to transfer my existing GoDaddy domain to Cloudflare and I turn off the locked option and turn off the auto renewal but still my domain transfer is rejected twice, but it is still remained in billing even though the funds are still in my bank account but I’m not sure if I’m not billed. I just want to cancel the transfer and not being billed, especially not twice. How can I do this? Can you help me plz?

Hi there,

If the transfer does not complete within 5 days, the process should automatically be halted.
Would you be able to help me open a Support ticket for me to check this out internally?

Thank you.

Now it says the Coudflare invoice is available, the second of the invoices was deleted. But now the first one is available but still my domain is on GoDaddy, how they can make the invoice without transferring my domain? Thnx

Hi there,

There is ticket : 2775057 which is being used to track this issue as well as the other community posts you have open.

Please respond back on the ticket.

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