Domain Transfer Rejected for .uk domain

I have a domain with a registrar that catches domains as they expire ( The only option available to me is to change the IPS tag, I can’t change the name servers, in fact there aren’t any set at present.

I added the domain to my CF account and could see it in my “Transfer Domains” list. I requested a change of IPS tag to “Cloudflare” of the I then received an email from them:

Your domain name ********* has been successfully submitted for transfer to Cloudflare, however the Cloudflare tag is set to handshake, meaning they must accept the request before the domain is actually transferred.

You should contact Cloudflare and initiate a transfer in if you have not already done so.

Some time later I receive this from CF (tried it twice and it was 22 minutes the first time, 44 minutes the second):

Oh No! Domain Transfer Rejected


Unfortunately, your domain transfer request for ********* has been rejected by Backorder Ltd.

From I received this:

The transfer of ********* has failed. Cloudflare either rejected, or failed to respond to our handshake request after 5 days. After this time, transfers are automatically rejected.

You should contact Cloudflare and initiate a transfer in before attempting to transfer the domain to them again.

It very much looks like they’re blaming each other! Is this because I can’t update the name servers?

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks.

Most likely, yes. Currently Cloudflare requires the domain to be active in your account before you can transfer the domain in so you will need to add it and change the nameservers first, that may require transferring to another registrar temporarily if they will not change the nameservers.

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Just a quick message to say that this is all now resolved. Cloudflare were looking into it (and had to look into why their system was allowing the attempted transfer of a domain within 60 days of registration - .uk domain don’t have that rule) but Guy from got in contact, set my nameservers and change the IPS tag.

All sorted!

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