Domain transfer problems


I have tried to transfer the following 2 domains into Cloudflare:-,

Both domains are unlocked, are more than 60 days old and use Cloudflare dns yet when i enter the EPP transfer code I get a generic:-

Something went wrong

Please retry transferring this domain. You have not been charged.

I have retried but just keep getting the same useless error response.

Any ideas?


Hi there,

Sorry for the issues you’re facing.

Can you confirm do you have a valid payment method configured on your account and there is no issues with it?


I thought I did, I’ve had my Paypal account linked for some years now and have paid all my previous payments thru that.
I just deleted and re-connected my Paypal and the transfer went through!

Would have been nice if there had been any hint, anything at all, in your system that would have pointed to this, rather than just a generic ‘Computer says No!’.
I could have saved much time checking and rechecking EPP codes, domain releases, arguing with the previous registrar about whether they had released the domains properly etc.

Anyway, sorted now, thanks.

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