Domain transfer problem

I tried to transfer my domain (which has been set up to use Cloudflare DNS for some time now)

After entering my payment details and domain details, domain lock code, etc. I got this message:

Other than unlocking my domain, I haven’t changed any info it it in years so I don’t understand what the problem is. Anyone know why that might be?

When I click on the “Try again” link it doesn’t actually allow me to re enter my lock code which is strange.

As an aside, I have to say that the lack of any chat or phone support for a paid product is troubling. Makes me wonder if I really want to transfer my domain after all… but I otherwise like Cloudflare so I’m trying to keep an open mind.

In the “Overview” tab for the domain there’s also a place to re-enter the auth code. You can try that.

Also, maybe the grey box on the left of “Invalid auth code.” is a text box you should re-enter the auth code in before clicking “Try again”?

Hi, did you solve the problem?

I think so. There is a lot of room for improvement in the new Domain Registration product and in billing. But as best I can tell it is in process.

Where on the “overview” tab’s page can you enter the auth code? I don’t see anything like that.

For me it was in the right column, if I recall correctly, close to the top (though they may have edited the design of the tab since then…).

Unfortunately I cannot check for you because I will need to transfer a domain in for that… which will cost me money :slight_smile:

But, if you upload a screenshot (hiding the domain name is OK…), maybe I can find it there.

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