Domain transfer problem to Cloudflare


I am trying to transfer domain name from NameBright to Cloudflare. I have unlocked domain, disabled privacy and have entered auth code. Now I can see “Approve transfer at NameBright dot com” message pending on my dashboard.

It turns out that NameBright doesn’t allow to transfer out the domain if one their “Transfer out” setting is set to “High” (which I didn’t know). Anyway, i have set this setting to “Low” which would allow me to transfer out the domain name. The problem is that I cannot stop domain transfer from CF dashboard, hitting “Cancel transfer” button returns error 422, “Cannot cancel transfer for this domain (…com)”

What should I do in that situation to transfer domain to CF ?

It should either succeed or fail within 5 days. If it fails, you should be free to start the process again.


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