Domain transfer problem (from hostgator)

I have filled in Auth code and completed payment yesterday to transfer my domain from hostgator to Cloudflare.

Today i log into my Cloudflare account and it shows transfer fail due to invalid auth code. The problem now is the domain and its management panel no longer exist on hostgator. How do i generate a new auth code ? Should i use the old auth code and try again.

Please help. thanks

Try reusing the original code - there should be a place within Cloudflare account admin to place it. Worst thing that happens is it doesn’t work. But it should still be valid.

click Try again, on new opened page, find the Domain Registration, enter the Auth code.
then the status changes to Approval pending.

already enter the auth code and re-submit.
status changed to approval pending and its been 2 days. is it normal that domain transfer takes so long ? my domain going to expired by 28th Dec on hostgator… afraid that it cannot transfer in time

The rules say the original registrar (or owner… who should get an e-mail about this) has 5 days to dispute the transfer, after which the transfer is executed. Some registrars, in their control panel, on top of the “decline” option, there’s an “approve” option that stops the waiting. If you have that button and click it, usually it’s a matter of minutes until the transfer is completed.

I’m not a hostgator customer, but I found this: Center/transfer-domain-away-from-hostgator/

Which says, in the end:

" You should approve the transfer in your HostGator Control Panel once it’s all started properly. In the DOMAIN MANAGER , click the domain you are transferring to highlight it. Click the TRANSFER EPP tab and you will have two links IF it was started properly. One to approve and one to deny the transfer. If those links are not present, then most likely your privacy protection is not turned off. Check whether your domain privacy is off and contact us if the problem persists."