Domain transfer pricing and validity

Recently I am thinking to transfer my domain from Godaddy to Cloudflare. My domains existing validity is 2027. Now if I transfer this to Cloudflare then this validity may not given by Cloudflare. I want to know that is there any possibility to transfer the domain to Cloudflare with existing validity or I need to pay the full 7 years charge to Cloudflare?

With gTLDs your time goes with you based on what the root WHOIS for the TLD says, adding a year with the transfer, up to a cap of 10 years.

ccTLDs could have different rules, although I don’t know of any in particular that have issues.

That means if I transfer the domain which has 7 years validity presently will automatically renewed for 8 years?

Most aren’t supported in Cloudflare Registrar, but for example .it loses it’s registration if you move registrar.