Domain Transfer Page is not working


For several days the domain transfer page is not working as seen in attached file.
Please help to fix it.

Thanks & Best Regards

Only eligible domains will show up here. What domain are you trying to transfer?

All domains used to be listed but now no. 99% of the domains are I’m sure they are eligible domains to be listed to transfer here.


In that case you might want to open a support ticket. For me it currently does display .com domains.


Thanks for your nice help. I found that. On top of the transfer pae, it has a small (letter size) notice that my default contact emal (I Changed email) is not confirm yet. After did it, I can do transfer now.

It’s personnel misreading and sorry to waste your time.

Thanks & Best Regards

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No worries, but yes, especially in a registrar context you typically need verified details. :+1:t2:

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