Domain transfer not working

Hi, I´m trying to transfer the domain to Cloudflare´s DNS. I already pointed the ns at the domain registrar to but since the domain was previously at other Cloudflare nameservers it seems not to be working.

Cloudflare does not support .pt for domain transfers yet.

As for adding the domain to Cloudflare, which nameservers did it provide to you? Aron?!

It currently announces carl and elle, so the domain must be already on a different account and these are also the nameserver configured at the registry.

I got the usual 2 nameservers: and When I try to update the register to aron, it never changes…

That domain has been obviously already on Cloudflare with another account. Can you use that account instead? If not you will have to convince either your registry or Cloudflare to force a nameserver update. Whom you contact is up to you :slight_smile:

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