Domain transfer not happening

Hi, I’m having a simmilar issue at the moment @phil55 ( Domain transfer from Namecheap to Cloudflare) . The really poor reponse times to support tickets make issues like this really difficult to deal with. Who is your current registrar? - I’m trying to move a domain away from Namecheap.

It seems like CF struggle with handling the transfer of domains. If/when I get a resolution to my issue I will let you know @phil55 . The auto email of the transfer rejection is entirely unhelpful and gives no reason ‘why’ it has failed. CF support also cannot tell me why its failing, I even contacted Nominet who are an authority on .uk domains and they couldn’t help, just stating that CF need to do a ‘handshake’ when the transfer requests comes to them, but they basically said there is nothing they can do to help, it’s down to CF to resolve the issue.

Hi @rich21 I see your ticket 3163248 and will flag this for my colleagues in Registrar Support


I have been working with our registrar team and updated you in the ticket. We look forward to hearing back from you.