Domain Transfer not complete

Tried to transfer a domain to cloudflare. So I changed the the ns lines at my registrar from wix to cloudflare and waited 24 hours but the domain doesn’t transfer. I suspect it has to do with me having another two lines of dns at the registrar, and maybe I need to do something with then as well?! They are something about the domain email (which is via office 365 and they recognized cloudflare and guided me to update in 365 admin center and they work properly now although the domain didn’t yet transfer )
Someone have an idea what’s wrong?

Cloudflare needs to be the only two name servers for your domain.

Thank you! So just erase anything else on the registrar dns lines? Nothing bad would happen? The other two lines are something about autlook

Whatever DNS records you currently have need to be in your DNS records list in your Cloudflare account.

Yes they are also listed on cloudflare! So can I simply erase them on the registrar panel?? It won’t cause any problems? The won’t disappear from cloudflare or wix panels?
Thank you very much

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