Domain Transfer - Not an Active Zone; Wix


I’ve currently got a domain with Wix, and I’d like to transfer it over. I understand that Wix doesn’t support third-party nameservers, so I figure I could just transfer it and use it directly with Cloudflare.

However, when I initiate a transfer through Wix, I have the authentication code received via email. But when I try to transfer the domain to Cloudflare it comes up as “Not an active zone”. The private registry bit should have been stripped.

I also just reregistered the domain with Wix during the grace period- which it is still in- but I don’t think any information was changed on the registry.

Am I missing something as far as how Cloudflare operates? Do I need to transfer the domain somewhere else that supports third-party nameservers and use it that way? The domain is You’ll find it also isn’t currently connected to a webpage at the moment with Wix.

Any help is appreciated,


Where did you register your domain? Your registrar seems to be Network Solutions. There you should be able to change your domain’s nameservers.

If you still cant change the nameservers, you probably wont be able to transfer to Cloudflare, as this would require a fully validated domain, which includes the proper nameservers.

I registered through Wix, and I think they use Network Solutions. Could I transfer it to somewhere like GoDaddy or Namecheap and then point the servers to Cloudflare?

Wix has the functionality to transfer it, so I assume that means it can be transferred somewhere.

You can, though if your primary goal is the transfer to Cloudflare you should note that you will have to wait after the transfer 60 days before you can transfer it onwards to Cloudflare.

Thanks for the help- seems that Wix really doesn’t play well when trying to move your domain elsewhere. Seems that moving it somewhere else and then transferring it again would be the only way for me to get it to Cloudflare that I can find.

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