Domain Transfer: Multiple emails "Domain Transfer Approval Required"


I am transferring a domain from, Inc. to Cloudflare. I removed/disabled the Registrar Lock and obtained the code and entered that in Cloudflare and initiated the domain transfer about 5 days ago. I confirmed with the support team of Weebly (where I currently have the domain) and they said there is nothing more for me to do there. Also, the domain does not expire anytime soon. It still has about 1.5 years left before it needs to be renewed.

However I am receiving multiple emails from Cloudflare (shown below). I am not sure why. Does Cloudflare expect me to do anything else ? I have done all the steps on the other side.

Subject: Cloudflare Registrar Form of Authorization Notice

Domain Transfer Approval Required


Cloudflare, Inc. (“Cloudflare”) has received a request to become the new registrar of record for the domain My Domain Name.

You have received this message because you are listed as the Registered Name Holder or Administrative contact for this domain name in the WHOIS database.

Please read the following important information about transferring your domain name:

The transfer request was initiated following the successful entry of the authorization code for this domain. Authorization codes are made available to registrants from the current registrar.

If you do not wish to process this transfer, please reach out to your current registrar to halt the process.

The Cloudflare Registrar team

It does sound like you have completed the steps. ICANN regulations say once a registrar receives the registration the current registrar has 5 days to approve. Register may give you an option to bypass that by giving another approval. I believe that was the case for me with a transfer from godaddy. In any event, the registration transfer process takes a bit of time to go through.

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Thank you. I guess I will wait for couple of more days.

I don’t know what the above means.

If you login at the current registrar’s site, it may give you an option to click ok to proceed versus waiting for the 5 day period to end.

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Thanks. I checked but couldn’t find an option to approve it myself. I’ll probably have to wait.

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Hi @sgummaraj

Have you made sure that DNSSEC is not activated at the registrar? If it is, then you need to disable it.


Hi @louise2

As part of the initial setup / step in the Cloudflare “Transfer Domains” menu - I was asked to update/edit the DNS server names on the current registrar (Weebly +, Inc) to cloudflare’s DNS servers. I updated that initially. So the DNS servers are now pointing to cloudflare’s servers. On Cloudflare I see DNSSEC is OFF / disabled. I did not see any such option on Weebly.

Thank you. I received confirmation from Weebly support that DNSSEC is off / disabled for the domain. How would I know if the domain transfer is pending due to error or if its just waiting on some queue.

What do you see when you run a public whois/rdap lookup of the domain? Look for the status, last modification date, and even the current registrar. A few times I’ve seen domains fully transfer to Cloudflare Registrar… but take their godly time to show as such in the Cloudflare dashboard.

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It shows the status as pending transfer. Thanks for turning my attention to the timestamps. Last Changed is 22-Feb-2024 while Last Update is 28-Feb-2024.

Thank you everyone! The domain transfer is complete. I still see my details on WHOIS. I guess that should get redacted in a day or two.


Hi @sgummaraj,

We are happy to hear that you are no longer facing this issue.

Regarding redaction, if you would like Cloudflare Support to further investigate this for you, I would kindly ask you to open a ticket.

I wish you a great day.

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If the domain is a .us domain the whois information cannot be hidden.

Thanks. Its redacted now. Its a .com domain.

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